VXi Server Installation – VeloX

VXi Server Installation

VeloX Integration platform consist of two main software components:

  • VXi Server
  • VXi Client

This article is only about installing VXi Server.

VXi Server is a Windows service that can be installed on Windows Server 2008 and higher. It can also work on Windows 7 and higher. For production use it's recommended to use a server platform with Windows Server OS.

Please follow steps below to install VeloX Integration Server:

1. Obtain latest VXi installation file:

2. Execute the msi file and follow click Yes:

3. The server installation will start. Please note, the server installation process is designed to be ran in a "quite" mode. It means, no additional dialog windows will be shown.

4. Check if the server is installed successfully by going to operating system Administrative Tools->Services and observing the service status. The screen may vary based on operating system version, but the key information will remain the same: