SAP Connector VeloXi

SAP RFC Connector

SAP RFC Connector is a software provided by SAP and can be downloaded from SAP Support Portal. The connector is required to communicate with SAP systems that are based on SAP NetWeaver (e.g. SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA).

The connector has to be installed on every computer or server where the VeloX software is intended to be used.

Please follow steps below to install the connector:

1. Download SAP RFC Connector from SAP Support Portal. You will need S-User to access the portal. Please select the version of the connector highlighted below:

2. Unzip this downloaded file to a local folder on the computer where it's indented to be installed:

3. Open the unzip folder and execute file NcoXXXX_Net40_x64.msi:

4. Follow the installer prompts with selecting options highlighted on the images below:

5. Click Next:

6. Select Installation Folder

7. Select Install assemblies to GAC

Note: Installing assemblies to GAC allows different applications on the computer to share the assemblies.

8. Click Close when installation is finished

You can verify the installation by going to Apps & Features