VeloX Integration Platform

Comprehensive and intelligent solution for data integration.

What is Velox Integration Platform (VeloXi)?

VeloXi is an easy-to-use server integration platform which delivers a complete integration experience connecting and unifying business processes across multiple applications, data sources and APIs.

Capabilities Highlights

We aim to automate and simplify your work with help of our product. Instead of coding you can experience drag-and-drop simplicity.

Connect Anything

Enables any-to-any platform connections. E.g. SAP ECC or S/4, VW Systems, Oracle, etc.

User Friendly

Drag-and-drop graphical user interface to set up connections across all systems.

Less Development

Reduces development efforts by 70-80%

Fast & Flexible

High scalability and performance

Three easy steps

Step 1

Define your project

Step 2

Design data flow and connections

Step 3

Monitor data flow and logs

STEP 1: Define Your Project

STEP 2: Design Data Flow And Connections

STEP 3: Monitor Data Flow and Logs