SAP RFC Server

SAP RFC Server plugin can be found in Servers tab on the left panel of Designer Section.


Only one server-side plugin can be added on the canvas at a time.


In this article:

To configure the plugin:

  1. Enter the SAP Server Host.
  2. Enter SAP System Number
  3. Enter ProgramID
  4. Enter Registration Count
  5. Specify the LogLevel

Creating template

To create the template:

  1. Click Configuration tab on the plugin.
  2. Expand Advanced tab.
  3. Click Create Template button.
    New window will appear.
  1. Enter PluginName.
    Optionally fill Description, Url, Version and GroupName where the plugin will go.
  2. Click Save and locate the directory where you want to save the plugin.
  3. After that popup window will appear and will suggest you adding the plugin to the left panel of designer section.

Now you have the template of the SAP RFC Server that you can use across the projects.