SAP Read Table (VXi and VXm)

Purpose: Read data from SAP ERP tables (any systems on NetWeaver)

Supported Operations:

  • Read – query data from a single SAP table

How to use

  1. Add SAP Read Table plugin to the canvas.
  2. Navigate to the Connection Parameters
  3. Populate SAP connection parameters, user name and password
  4. Specify name of the table that you would like to query
  5. Click “Get Metadata”
  6. The connection button should become green (the line under the button) that indicates that connection to SAP was established successfully.
  7. Map import fields to any desired source (required) and subsequent target (optional)

Import fields and Query Editor

There are three import fields:

  • OPTIONS (required)
  • ROWSKIPS (optional)
  • ROWCOUNT (optional)

For additional information refer to the documentation of FM RFC_READ_TABLE.


Field “OPTIONS” has a built-in query editor.

The editor supports “=” and “LIKE” operators.

LIKE operator supports these characters:

% - The percent sign represents zero, one, or multiple characters

_ - The underscore represents a single character

In the example below there are three fields linked to the OPTIONS field as input. Those three fields become accessible within query via variables {1}, {2}, {3}

Field types

In SAP Read Table plugin import parameters are always single fields.

Export parameters (result of query) is always a table