This quickstart shows you how to create and start your migration project.

Create New Project

1. On the File tab, click New.

2. In the popup Project Details box, enter short description of the project you want to create, select project group and press ENTER or hit Ok button.

Edit New Project

We are editing our project in the Designer tab of the main windows. To read more, see Designer Section.

We are going to upload data from excel sheet to the SQL table in this project.

  1. Firstly, drag'n'drop Excel Import plugin from the Data Sources tab on the left panel.

  2. Then add excel source file by clicking Add button. Excel Import plugin will build the structure automatically.

  3. Select the key field among the appeared fields. To do that simply press on the field and check Key checkbox.
  1. Now let's add SQL Client plugin and connect to our database.
    To build table's structure:
    • select SQL Credentials (user and password) if you need them to connect to the SQL Server.
      If you have none you can add them via Password Manager.
    • enter your connection string. If you use user and password then you can use this to avoid explicit password entry:
      Server=localhost\SQLExpress;Database=Test_DB;User Id={user};Password={password};

In this example we have localhost\SQLExpress instance as SQL Server, and Test_DB as Database name.

    • select table
    • select the needed operation. Let's use Modify operation to update/insert data in the table.

To find more information about SQL Client plugin, see SQL Client.

  1. Next step is to map Excel Import and SQL Client plugin fields.

Excel sample will be given at the end of this guide.

This is what we get after mapping the fields.

Now we can start our migration. Go to the Data Upload tab. To find more info, see Data Upload Section.

To do that:

  • press Analyze button
  • pick the needed Threads amount (let it be 1 in our case)
  • select type of log
  • check/uncheck Simulation mode if you don't want to simulate this migration


Simulation mode works only for SAP data targets.

  • click Start to start the migration

Now the migration will start.

At the end of migration you will see the log containing each migration entry from excel file with the selected file key.

To find more info about output log, see Output Section.


You can download the whole project via this link - SQL Upload.vxexport

Excel file sample with random data is accessible via this link People.xlsx.