Data Load Section

Analyze button

Before running the migration you should always press Analyze button. It checks the code for any mistakes.

Simulation Mode

Simulation button can be picked to run the migration in the simulation mode. That means that no changes will be made in the target SAP System.

Simulation mode concerns only SAP Targets.


Also it is possible to pause, resume and completely stop a migration.

Multithreading Parameter

It is possible to pick number of threads to run this migration. Maximum amount of threads is 12.

Logging Modes

There are 3 modes of logging:

  • Detailed
  • Short
  • No logs

Load History Panel

Previous migrations are also available to be observed...

Output Table

Output table consists of 5 columns:

  • File Line - sequential number.
  • File Key - includes the key field if key is selected on the data source else includes all of the fields with "/" separator.
  • Start Time - start time of the current record migration
  • End Time - end time of the current record migration
  • Status - can be Successful or Error.
    Note that Error record is clickable and shows Plugin name that raised an error, Error message and Details


Export to Excel

You can open log files in Excel format. There are multiple options:

  • All Records - generates Excel file with all records
  • Records With Success - generates Excel file with successful records
  • Records With Error - generates Excel file with error records
  • Records With Specific Error Code section - consists of list of all errors. You can generate Excel files with each of them by simply picking the needed one.

Ways to repeat load

There are multiple ways to repeat the load