This quickstart shows you how to create and start simple project with HTTP JSON Server and SQL Client plugins to retrieve data from SQL database via HTTP requests.

Create New Project

  1. Open VeloXi Client.
  2. Connect to the VeloXi Server. By default VeloXi Server runs on port 9000.

Connect to VeloXi Server


VeloXi credentials:

Login: poweradmin
Passowrd: QAZwsx!@#$

  1. On the top menu bar, choose File > New > New Integration Project.
    The Project Details dialog box will open.

  2. Select Group where our project will be stored, enter Description, select needed Startup type and press Ok.

Create VeloXi project

Edit New Project

We are editing our project in the Designer tab of the main windows. To read more, see TBA.

We are going to create simple project with HTTP JSON Server and SQL Client plugins. We are going to retrieve data from SQL Table by paramaters.

In our example the structure of SQL Table People will be the following:

  • id
  • age
  • eyeColor
  • name
  • company
  • email
  • phone
  • address

Configure HTTP JSON Server plugin

As an example lets check number's parity. To do that we will have HTTP JSON Server and Python Script plugin.

  1. Firstly, drag'n'drop HTTP JSON Server plugin from the Servers tab on the left panel.

  2. Open plugin's Configuration, fulfill Port and ServiceName - this is going to be your server's location.

  1. Click Add Path and give it a name. In our example we use name People
  2. After that you can add GET and POST methods. In our example let's use GET method. Add GET method by clicking on the Add button.
  3. Now you can add multiple Parameters that will be used in request and define response structure
    Let's add request parameters called eye_color and age.
    And as a response we will add array of objects - Object []. Let's name it People.
    Also add fields that you want to retrieve, such as id, name, company, email, phone, address

This is how our plugin will look like:

Configure SQL Client plugin

Firstly download plugin from TBA. Add plugin to your project.

  1. Now drag'n'drop SQL Client plugin from SQL tab on the left panel.
    More info about using SQL Client plugin can be found TBA.
  2. Open Settings tab on the plugin.
    Fill in plugin settings and pick Select Operation.
  3. Click Connect to retrieve SQL Table's structure.
  1. Now let's mark which fields will be used in search query as where condition.
    To do that click on the field and select Key checkbox.
  2. After that we can map Server's request parameters with SQL Client's import fields and response fields with SQL Client's export fields.

This is how our project will look like:



To start our project locate Project tab on the upper menu. Click Upload to save it and Start to start it.

Now you need to make HTTP request. You can use any web browser or Postman client to make this.

The url will be the following: http://localhost:20050/sql/people?eye_color=blue&age=20 where 20050 is Port, sql - ServiceName, people - Path name.

This is what you get:



To observe the logs, open Logs tab on the VeloXi.

Pick Client Plugins, select time period and click Load.


Click on the log you have and you will see your SQL Client evaluation log.

It will have Import parameters, SQL query that was executed and Export data.


You can download the whole project via this link - Get SQL Table.vxexport