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General about plugins

In this article:

Plugins are placed on the left side and they are divided into groups.

There are 4 main groups:

  • Data Source - at least one needs to be added to start the migration
  • SAP Targets - contains such plugins as Change Master, Document info Record, Material BOM, Any SAP Function Module and others. More info could be found at Plugins.
  • Non-SAP Target - contains such plugins as Custom Python Script, Converters, Excel Export and etc. More info could be found in Plugins.
  • Others - contains all other custom plugins


Plugins could be filtered with the group filters on the right. By default All plugins are shown.

Operations with plugins

To add the plugin on canvas expand the needed group then drag & drop the plugin.

After that you can simply move the plugin around the canvas in any direction.

If you want to add custom plugin then click Add button and locate the plugin you want to add.

If you want to remove custom plugin simply select this plugin from the plugin list and click Delete.

If you want to update custom plugin:

  1. Move this plugin on canvas
  2. Press Settings button on the plugin
  3. Open section with plugin settings
  4. Press button Update and locate the plugin.

Mapping canvas

  • Every plugin has it's own set of parameters. To read more about VeloXm plugins see VeloXm Plugins Overview.

  • Mapping is made with drag & drop


You can hide and expand plugin fields with hide/expand icons in the upper right corner of the plugin

Steps sequencer

In VeloXm plugins are executed sequentially.
Initially they are sorted as they were added on the canvas.


You have ability to turn off AutoSort and ManualSort will be applied to these plugins. That basically means that you can drag'n'drop plugins to establish their sequence.

Also you have an ability to hide plugin from canvas by unchecking it.

  • Hide All/Show ALL - to hide/show all of the plugins